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TempLog Premier Manual Defrost Laboratory Freezers

These units are purpose built for scientific and medical applications. Units feature a
digital microprocessor temperature controller allowing for the precise temperature management necessary for critical samples and supplies. A manual defrost design prevents product damaging temperature spikes from defrost cycles.

Defrosting of the unit will need to be performed periodically to prevent severe ice build-up.
The all-new Touch Screen temperature display and alarm module offers the latest in advanced temperature control and data logging. Offering industry-leading product security with a monitoring and alarm system that is 100% independent of the temperature controller. 
Real-time sample simulated temperatures are constantly displayed, logged and supported by audible/visual high and low temperature alarms, along with power outage, sensor error and door ajar alarms, remote alarm dry contacts, a 4-20mA output and an access port are provided to simplify connections to existing facility monitoring systems. A USB port is provided for easy transfer as well as software updates.

20 and 30 cubic foot TempLog Premier units are available in -20°C or -30°C models depending on specific application requirements.  


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