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TempLog Premier Stainless Steel Laboratory Freezers

The TempLog Premier Solid Door Stainless Steel Validation Laboratory Freezers are purpose built for scientific and medical applications. Units feature a digital microprocessor temperature controller, a forced air directional refrigeration system, and provide excellent temperature uniformity and recovery after door openings. Auto defrost freezer models have programmed defrost cycles that will reach air temperatures of approximately 0 degrees Celsius.
The all-new Touch Screen temperature display and alarm module offers industry-leading product security real-time sample simulated temperatures are constantly displayed, logged and supported by audible/visual alarms, remote alarm contacts, a 4-20mA output and an access port. A USB port is provided for easy data transfer.
DISCLAIMER: Auto defrost freezers incorporate an electric heater installed on the evaporator that assist in the removal of the frost and ice. Although the heater helps speed up the frost and ice removal, it can raise the temperatures within the freezer.


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