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Premier Pharmacy/Vaccine Compact Refrigerators

Pharmacy refrigerators with microprocessor digital controls

Vaccine quality is a shared responsibility of all who handle vaccines from production to administering.  Failure to maintain safe storage temperatures of immunobiologics can result in reduced, or destroyed potency. Vaccines should be stored in a refrigerator or freezer specifically designed for vaccine storage. 

Use CDC compliant vaccine storage and cold chain security.

American Biotech Supply is Going Green!  We are an industry leader in providing a variety of Refrigerators and Freezers that are built with Hydrocarbon Refrigerants, R290 or R600a.
Environmentally friendly, natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants (not containing hydrofluorocarbons) vastly reduce global-warming potential (GWP) while meeting new EPA/SNAP mandates and UL, ASHRAE compliance guidelines.

Download ABS's new Natural Refrigerants Flyer.



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