ABS 1 Ext Image
ABS 1 Ext Image

Box Rack Storage, 750 Vials

Product Number: ABS 1

American Biotech Supply's Box Rack Storage Tanks have been specifically engineered to provide cryogenic vapor temperatures throughout the tank well below the critical -135°C range. In fact, with as little as 2 inches of liquid, vapor temperatures of-185°C or lower can be maintained on the highest shelf. Maintaining temperatures below the glass transition temperature of -135°C helps insure long-term cell viability.

The unique fiberglass restricted opening neck design also brings liquid consumption to one of the lowest rates in the industry. In addition, with the hanging rack design, sample access is achieved without the use of a mechanical “Lazy Susan”.  Vial storage in boxes allows for ease of use and accurate tracking of samples.

Every Box Rack Storage Tank comes standard with stainless steel racks and LN2 measuring rod.

  • High on storage capacity
  • Economical on liquid nitrogen consumption
  • Low vapor phase storage temperatures
  • State of the art hanging rack design
  • Maintain temperatures of -185˚C or lower with just two inches of liquid
  • Fiberglass restricted opening neck design
  • Stainless steel racks
  • LN2 measuring ruler
  • Safer operation & maintenance
  • One-year warranty on all parts and labor
  • Three-year vacuum warranty
  • Total Vial Capacity (2 ml Vial) –750
  • Total Box Capacity* – 30
  • Rack Capacity – 6
  • Boxes Per Rack – 5 
  • Vials Per Box(2 ml) – 25
  • LNCapacity (Liters) – 47.4
  • Static Evaporation Rate** (Liters/Day) – 0.39
  • Static Holding Time** (Days) – 76
  • Neck Diameter (in/mm) – 5/127
  • Exterior Height (in/mm) – 26.5/673.1
  • Exterior Diameter (in/mm) – 20/508
  • Weight Empty (lbs/kg) – 42/19.1
  • Weight Full (lbs/kg) – 120.4/54.6

* Storage Boxes are 2 9/10'' x 2 9/10'' 'x 2 1/20" with a 25 cell capacity.

**Static Evaporation Rate and Static Holding Time are nominal. Actual rate may be affected by the nature of the contents, atmospheric conditions, container history and manufacturing tolerances.